Sharon Stone reflects back on her life through a memoir

Sharon Stone reflects back on her life through a memoir

Basic Instinct’s famous star looks flawless at the age of 62. The courageous actor has signed up for a new real-life role. She wants to share her survival story as an important lesson for others. Read below to find out more about her journey. 

•         The American actress has a net worth of $60 million.
•         Stone loves being a mother and has adopted 3 children.
•         The gorgeous celebrity has starred in at least 67 movies and has won 8 awards.

Sharon Stone Looking Stunning!

Sharon’s memoir will revolve around her childhood in Pennsylvania. She faced numerous challenges at a young age, which she overcame to become an excellent artist.

The stunning actress won a Golden Globe Award for her movie ‘Casino’. She has also decided to open up about her learning experience from her past marriages and the work she has done for humanitarian causes which inspired her fans immensely.

The former model is ‘courageous, honest, and outspoken’, said Knopf. She comfortably talks about the early years of her life, no matter how difficult they were for her. The actress promotes growth through anti-fragility. It states that a person only gets stronger after facing different stressors in life. The pandemic has been a challenging time for many. Her story about overcoming her fears will be a ray of sunshine for all.  

Watch video below to find out more about Sharon's Biography!

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