sharon osbourne shares her mental health journey on The Talk

Sharon Osbourne opens up about her mental health

On the World Mental Health Day, the 68-year-old media personality opened up about her struggles with mental illness and how she copped up with it. Her inspiring story involved her suicide attempt she did 4 years ago and more of her life changing stories. Scroll down to find out more about Sharon’s journey.  

  • Sharon Osbourne is a British American media personality who is married to Ozzy Osbourne for the past 38 years.
  • The couple shares 3 children Kelly, Aimee, and Jack Osbourne.
  • She was the voice behind Christophe from our favorite cartoon movie Garfield 2.
  • Osbourne had a prolonged battle with depression, and she has been on medicines for about 3 decades.

Sharon revealed about her mental health struggles in a candid interview with her co-hosts on the Emmy winning show ‘The Talk.’ The author revealed that she tried to take her own life four years ago when she felt helpless.

She said it wasn’t for attention but because she couldn’t bear things anymore. She further explained that she went to a mental health facility afterward and met two girls who weren’t related at all however they both were struggling with drug and alcohol addiction which came as a result of their mother’s suicidal death.

Sharon Osbourne shares her suicide attempt story

The condition of the young girls hit Sharon, and she realized how much her death could have affected her family and 3 children. That’s when Osbourne decided to get herself together.
This wasn’t the first time that the media personality had to face something like so in her life. She previously went through a mental breakdown in 2015 which resulted in her absence from the show for five weeks.

Luckily Sharon has survived her long journey of mental illness, and she’s here to inspire us. She’s very open about her health because she thinks it’s a stigma that needs to go away. She thinks people shouldn’t be embarrassed to share their stories and seek help, and we couldn’t agree more.

Sharon attempted to suicide in 2014 however, she luckily survived

Sharon is just one who opened up about her struggles but there are millionsof  more that need to be heard. On this mental health day we urge people to open up about their struggles to their loved ones and make their lives blissful because life’s too short to worry about things you can't change!

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