Selena Gomez in her pijamas Selena Gomez in her pijamas

Singer Selena Gomez admits she is sick

The Texas born singer and TV producer is not only beautiful but talented as well. She sings amazingly! But she also had a secret. Do you remember when she took "holidays" and was absent from social media in the year 2016? She told everyone what she was actually doing during that time. The truth will melt your heart. Watch the following video

  • In 2016 Gomez was absent from social media for a while in order to focus on her mental health. Some media outlets thought she was depressed due to her love relationship with Justin Bieber 
  • One year before, she had been diagnosed with lupus. This is an autoimmune failure that can be cured with chemotherapy. 
  • The songwriter has a net worth of over $75 million from her music career, her Instagram advertisements and her endorsement deals.
Selena Gomez lying in her bed depressed
She shared her depression and anxiety problems with her followers "My ups and downs were really deep" and "I discovered I had a mental health problem". "I'm bipolar" She's taking medicine that helps and doesn't have to worry about being sad. Good for you Selena! 
Apart from lupus and depression she had a kidney transplant, a secret not much people know about. 

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