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Secret photographer captures bizarre cellphone text messages

New York photographer, Jeff Mermelstein, started a project after reading one crazy conversation in another person’s phone by mistake. Keeping their privacy, these snaps will leave you speechless. Check them out!  

  • He kept the privacy of the people by cropping their names
  • From conversations about pregnancy, marriages and relationships to fights and food poisonings, New Yorkers exchange some serious topics in their daily lives.
One of the snaps about having a baby

The photographer, from Brooklyn, started sharing these pictures over his Instagram and had a major success. Apparently, people like to see what other humans talk about. Specially when some messages are so heartbreaking or funny.

Relationship talks...

It all started after the photographer was on the Eighth Avenue and took a picture of an interesting older woman. After getting to his home, he saw the snap on the computer, and he could zoom in and read the text of the message she was righting. "It was a Google search about wills, and it had something to do with $6,000 in the attic. It was fascinating, and that kind of opened up a door of awareness".

Humor talk!

He never asked for permission, but he made sure the names of the people never got to the public. What do you guys think? Most of the feedback he receives is positive, but some fans criticize him for getting into other people business.

Check out this video about his work:

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