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5 surprising life facts about basketball idol Michael Jordan

The North Carolina athlete, who won the NBA championship ring 6 times with the Chicago Bulls has many interesting secrets that we show you in the video below.

  • There is a lot of fuzz around Michael Jordan in 2020 after the premiere of Netflix's "The Last Dance" series.
  • He was a close friend to Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers star who died on a tragic helicopter accident.
  • These mysteries range from his family life to personal trauma.

1. He donated 1 year salary for victims of 9/11.

2. Michael is the only billionaire athlete with restaurants, sports teams and car dealerships.

3. Jordan has 5 children. From two different marriages.

Michael with his children

4. The sportsman is afraid of water. Due to a childhood trauma.

Michael in the Chicago White Sox

5. He was a baseball player. He dropped basketball for a year, but it didn't work.

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