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Russian athlete reveals how much money she was offered

Russian athlete Daria Klishina, world champion in long jump, revealed how much money an American offered her for working full time for her intimate services and you will be surprised. Check it out!

  • Not only athletes are involved in these type of transactions, also media influencers.
  • One female Instagram star, who wished to remained anonymous said she was offered $20.000 just for a dinner and some drinks.
  • Rosie Williams, an actress for the British TV show Love Island, said she was offered $100.000 a year to make company to a man in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.
Daria was offered a staggering amount of $200.000 monthly for "intimate services". She replied that she wasn't interested, but the man kept insisting.

After the appearance of social media, fans get to have a direct contact with their stars and see exactly how they live, something that didn't happen before.

Darya Klishina training

Daria gained the attention of the media several years ago when Moscow was hosting the World Athletics Championships due to her beauty:


This situation can lead to dangerous situations and propositions like this one or like singer Billie Eilish, who had a stalker showing up in her Los Angeles home.

Another Asian K-pop star, had also a man in her house after he identified the road where she lived making zoom into a photo of her eye and identifying the place in the reflection...creepy!

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