Rich Kids of Instagram

Rich kids show their wealth on Instagram again after COVID19

After several countries started to allow traveling, it's that time of the year were people who have a lot of money can show it the most. There are several Instagram accounts that reveal the lifestyle of these teenagers' millionaires who have everything at their reach: Lamborghini cars, Rolex watches and private jets. Check out the following post to see more about this extravagance.

  • From countries like Russia, United States and several Arab countries, these kids aren't afraid of anything (maybe working).
  • They spend their money shopping in exclusive boutiques for example in Rodeo Drive in California to traveling to the luxurious city of Dubai to enjoy the sun.
  • One of the influencers is seen dinning using his Rolls-Royce car as a table.
  • Several media outlets made documentaries about their incredible (and superficial) lives. 

Some of them even hire professional photographers to go with them around the world. They have millions of followers who try to copy their lifestyles. There are also people that criticize them for not using their money in something productive like nonprofits or donations instead of spending it in material objects. 

Having lunch on your car maintaining social distancing

Their obsession for money takes them to different levels. User @dimavika had her face mask covered in diamonds. Definitely, there are more intelligent ways to spend money, but who knows? 

Diamond incrusted face mask
Shopping seems to be an essential surviving activity for these people

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