Machine Gun Kelly

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly's cute reactions to thirst tweets

Rapper Colson Baker, known as Machine Gun Kelly who has been dating actress Megan Fox since May said he's no longer available. Check out his cute reactions to thirst tweets below.

  • Yaay has been covering how smitten the couple is since they went public. 
  • Fox's ex, Brian Austin Green seemed to be having a difficult time with their latest demonstration of affection.
  •  Fox and Kelly look like they are pretty serious about the relationship as the rapper revealed on a BuzzFeed video that he's taken.

A thirst tweet is known as a tweet where somebody compliments another person. During BuzzFeed's session of Thirst Tweets on August 14th a fan tweeted they would like to take Kelly on a date, but the rapper responded "I'm locked in already right now. No dates for me. Probably ever." EVER? That says a lot of his relationship with Megan.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox

Another tweet read: "I would let machine gun kelly suck my toes maybe," but again Kelly turned it down by responding "Like I said, I’m only sucking one pair of toes." The tweet was referencing his particular feet fetish he talked about after his music video with Fox, Bloody Valentine, where he is seen with her foot on his face.

Kelly's reactions are super cute, especially when fans talk about how great his smile is. The rapper doesn't think he has a great smile and in fact he said he usually covers it up!

You heard him ladies, the man is taken!

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