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Rapper 50 cent is trolling Will Smith after his love drama

After publishing a private conversation with the actor, 50 cent started mocking his marital situation with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Check out below to see what happened.

  • Jada Pinket Smith admitted her affair with the couple’s son friend, musician August Alsina.
  • The young rapper said Will Smith "gave me his blessing".
  • 50 cent got angry after Will Smith insulted him on Instagram and started posting the private conversation they had.
Private conversation between 50 Cent and Will Smith

Apparently, 50 cent and Will Smith know each other. And it looks like Will Smith is in a moment where he doesn't want to sit around and joke about life.

After a series of messages with the rapper, he got furious and sent 50 to hell. After that, Curtis Jackson posted several other contents related to the actor and mocking him for his situation.

He also made publicly the conversation between the two and the Internet is baffled.

Celebrities like the rapper and the actress Margot Robbie are starting to get in the eye of the storm due to the Smith family love-gate.

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