Princess Charlotte for Gucci Princess Charlotte for Gucci

Princess Charlotte from Monaco: the most discreet royal

Monaco, the micro-state in the French Riviera has it all: billionaires, no taxes and royals. The granddaughter of famous American actress Grace Kelly lives with a totally different style than her grandma. Read more below!

By  Charles Lorenz
  • Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi, is the daughter of Princess Caroline and Stefano Casiraghi.
  • She is eleventh in the royal throne line.
  • Her dad was killed in a tragic boat accident and the Princess grew in a "humble" environment away from the flashes.
  • The Princess net worth is estimated in $30 million.
Her grandma, Grace Kelly

From being in the countryside riding a bicycle to being one of the world’s most eligible women. The Princess is passionate for horses and holds a degree in Philosophy.

Her stunning beauty has earned her major fashion and beauty contracts

She grew up away from the pompous life of the royals due to the decision of her mother Caroline, Princess of Hanover. After her studies, she started internships in journalism and to participate more in her royal duties, like appearing in the yearly Rose Ball helping to raise funds for Princess Grace Foundation.

She won several international awards for horse riding. Source: AFP

Even her lovers were kept secret, until having one public romance with Moroccan actor Gad Elmaleh, the father of her first child. Afterwards, she met the French movie producer Dimitri Rassam and had another son.

Due to her beauty, she participated in several fashion campaigns for luxury brands like Gucci, Saint Lauren and Montblanc.

She keeps a low profile, walking around Paris where despite her royal status, nobody knows her, and she can walk like a normal human being. Quite a difference with her camera-lover, actress Grace Kelly.

Here you can watch a video about her life:

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