Prince Hussein

Prince Hussein of Jordan is one of the most desirable men

He is millionaire, single and hangs out with celebrities. His net worth is approximately from 750 million and encourages young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. Check this following article to learn more from this royal.

By  Kelsey Miller
  • He studied in Washington at Georgetown University.
  • His major was History, and then he enrolled in Sandhurst Military Academy in England.
  • He is a lieutenant of Jordan Armed forces.

What else can you ask? He is rich, handsome and also smart. He has a record of being the youngest person ever to preside a United Nations Council session. Hussein was seen hanging with other royals like Prince Harry and William from England and playing polo in the English Cup.

On Instagram he has 2.5 million followers who cherish his life and value his duty for the country. There are also of course several who criticize him for his lavish lifestyle, flying in private jet and using 100.000 dollar watches while the population of his country faces several economic problems.

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