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Paris Hilton mocks Kanye West with her presidential campaign

Donald Trump and candidate Joe Biden have quite the competition. Rapper Kanye West had already announced he was running and now media personality-model Paris Hilton launched her own campaign.

  • The businesswoman posted her parody campaign on July 5th after West had seriously said he was running for president.
  • The actress talks about the changes she would make to the White House, and she even has a slogan.
  • Is it actually a parody? Hilton had already released a music video back in 2008 about running for president. Perhaps it's Hilton's secret desire to become president of the US. Check out her 2008 music video below.

Her slogan is "Make America Hot again" and she says she plans on painting the White House pink! She also talked about turning the Oval Office into a heart shaped office. Check out her mock interview as a presidential candidate on her Instagram.

As you can see from Paris' tweet, she is obviously joking, but Kanye seems to be quite serious about 2020s elections, is he still in time to run? Do you think he has a chance? Check out our post on West's campaign

Paris mocks her friend Kanye West with her own presidential campaign.

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