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Obama's Production Company has 7 Emmy nominations!

"Higher Ground Productions", the production company of the ex United States President, is nominated for 7 Emmys this year! Check it out!

By  Luli Albertengo
  • The American production company was founded by ex White House couple, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama in May 2018.
  • Higher Ground Productions has 2 documentaries in the running for this year's Emmys.
  • The Awards are going to take place this September.

The nominees were announced this Tuesday, July 28th. Two documentaries from Obama's production company were nominated for 7 Emmys. "American Factory", their first documentary to reach Netflix, which is centered in the small town of Dayton, Ohio was selected for picture editing, cinematography and directing. Watch the official trailer below. The documentary was awarded Best Documentary Feature in the last Oscar Awards in February.

And "Becoming", about becoming the first Black First Lady, which shows intimate details about Michelle Obama during her 2019 book tour. It was praised by its music, direction, and cinematography among other things. 

2019 'Becoming' book tour

"Releasing Becoming during this particular moment in history added an unexpected and an even deeper meaning to it all. Thank you to the Television Academy for this recognition, and thank you to our collaborators at Higher Ground Productions and Netflix. Our team is honored to receive this very special nomination!" said Nadia Hallgren, Director & Cinematographer.

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