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New accusation: Johnny Depp and his food rampages

The former wife of the actor, Amber Heard, accused him again on the third week of their London trial where Depp sued the newspaper "The Sun" for calling him a "wife beater". Check it out!

By  Kelsey Miller
  • Heard claims Depp threw food to her while discussing their relationship.
  • The actor claims in 2015 Heard threw him a vodka bottle and cut his finger.
  • She says he cut it when he was cutting and throwing food all over their home.

Heard brought photos to the court proving that the actor was often under the influence of alcohol and drugs, specifically cocaine. His "intimidating behavior" led him to choke and slap her several times.

Cocaine and alcohol from Depp

The former wife is the main witness of "The Sun" defense in this case. Several times she woke up and found her home destroyed, with graffiti, blood and even cushions of their couch burnt on fire.

She found her home like this after one fight

She also found raw meat around the house in several places that attracted wildlife animals "I woke up and there was a bird that flew from a window he broke".

The last proof she presented was text messages to her mother saying "He's nuts mum. Violent and crazy. I'm heartbroken that this is who I love".

Text messages with her mom. Source: DailyMail

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