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Netflix: Marvel series that are leaving the catalog this March

  There's still time to see them before it's too late

One of the streaming platforms that revolutionized the film industry is Netflix, as it has changed the way we watch movies by choosing to present them in a catalog from the comfort of our homes without the need to go out to rent them or go to the movies. This catalog is made up of international productions as well as those of the platform.

When a film or series is not merely an own production, an agreement is reached with the production company in charge to obtain a license with which they allow us to have those titles at our disposal. But when this expires, it is necessary to remove it from the catalog, so it will not be possible to see those productions, at least within Netflix.

This is the case of the series produced by Marvel and that will soon be definitively withdrawn from Netflix in case you are still interested in seeing some, hurry up before it is too late.

Daredevil | @libero

These Marvel shows will be permanently removed from Netflix

The programs that will be removed are:

The Punisher | @Netflix

These programs will be permanently eliminated as of March 1.

There is still time to watch these series before it's too late. There is no official information yet if they will be reinstated to Disney+ or some other platform. But while there is still time to give them one last chance.

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