Joe Jonas and Sophia Turner kissing

Sophie Turner breaks the silence about her newborn baby!

The English actress’ breakthrough role was as Sansa Stark on the widely known HBO series, ‘Game of Thrones’. The ‘Queen in the North’ has given birth to another queen. Read below to find out about her journey to motherhood!. Read more below.

  • The celebrity couple married after the Billboard Music Awards in 2019 in Las Vegas.
  • They partied again with a luxury event in the French Chateau Torreau, in the famous "Blue Coast".
  • Before Sophie, Joe dated Gigi Hadid, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift.
  • The young actress has come a long way on the road of success and has a net worth of $8 million.
  • At the age of 17, Turner grieved from depression because of social media trolls, who bashed her acting skills.

On account of the recent events that took place in Turner’s life, she and her husband have become quite an internet sensation. The couple is adored by everyone, and the news of their child brought a wave of excitement for their fans. Willa will be the third girl arriving to the Jonas dynasty. Kevin and his wife, Danielle Jonas have already two daughters while Nick Jonas and actress Priyanka Chopka are still children-free. 

Sophie Turner’s pregnancy announcement came into light through an Instagram post, uploaded by Turner herself. The soon-to-be parents were captured taking a stroll down the road with their dog. Turner’s big baby bump went viral over the internet within minutes.

Together, they have a combined net worth of $35 million. Sophie earned most of her money  with her work playing Sansa Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones, while Joe earns his money from music. Willa will for sure have enough place and resources to be a star, like her parents. 

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