Movie Director, Tyler Perry Gives $21K Tip To Fired Workers

Movie Director, Tyler Perry Gives $21K Tip To Fired Workers

The director of “A Fall from Grace” and “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” gave a very generous hand by giving a $21,000 tip to aid restaurant struggling after Covid-19 pandemic, read about it here.  

  • Tyler Perry's movie "Madea's Big Happy Family" made $25.8 million on the first weekend of being released.
  • The entertainment mogul has a net worth of $600 Million.
  • He was recently in the media spotlight for hosting Prince Harry and Meghan inside his $18million Beverly Hills mansion.
Tyler Perry is known in the industry for his charitative soul

Tyler Perry is not only a well known Hollywood director but also he has been spotted several times helping out the black community and local restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia, where he has a massive 300-acre studio that you can see in the following video:

Perry helped in this pandemic by paying the grocery bills for thousands of high-risk shoppers, and those who live in a low income area.

The actor has been called an “angel” and he certainly lived up to that reputation after he went to a Houston’s restaurant in Atlanta on Sunday, he left a $500 tip for each of the 42 out-of-work servers not only because he wanted to help out but also Perry is a huge fan of the restaurant chain. Let’s just say he left more than a 20% tip.

Georgia was hit extremely hard by the pandemic due to workers getting laid off and being forced to stay at home to avoid exposure to the Covid-19 infection.

Perry´s Beverly Hills mansion where he invited Prince Harry and Meghan to stay while looking for their Los Angeles home.

Due to the overwhelming amount of American’s filing for unemployment the federal and state relief for fired employees has been delayed and in some cases over 20 weeks. Tyler Perry is considered one of the most charitable and thoughtful people in the entertainment industry, known to fly essential supplies to the Bahamas after the horrific disaster Hurricane Dorian left behind.

Nobody truly knows when life will get “back to normal” but we are thankful for people like Tyler Perry that use their fame, fortune and platform to help the communities in need.

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