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Moon Knight: This is the suit that Oscar Isaac will wear in the series

Fans are excited by the new images of the antihero

Given the wave of new series of superheroes that seemed to have been forgotten, it is the turn of one of the most popular antiheroes in comics and it is about Moon Knight who will be played by the Guatemalan Oscar Isaac.

The fans are the most excited by the arrival on the screens of this character of whom little has been revealed, keeping any information until the last moment so as not to spoil the surprise. Although the costume that Isaac would wear in the most anticipated superhero series of the year has finally been revealed.

Moon knight | @Empiremagazine

Marvel reveals the new suit that Oscar Isaac will wear in Moon Knight

Given the euphoria over the arrival of the series on the Disney+ streaming platform, fans have been pampered by Marvel by previewing the costume that will be an important part since it was speculated that it would be different from the comic, being an important reason for the followers to they will disappoint.

In addition, Empire magazine shared a couple of covers on its social networks where it shows the antihero's costume accompanied by the phrase: "Embrace chaos. Moon Knight is here to shake up the MCU and is on the cover of the new issue of Empire, with new interviews from Oscar Isaac and Kevin Feige."

Moon Knight | @Empiremagazine

To tell the truth, fans have been satisfied due to the classic appearance of the antihero who will come to show us why he is one of the best characters in the MCU and why he was once considered Marvel's Batman due to his fighting qualities, intelligence and agility similar to that of the dark knight.

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