Paris Hilton

Model Paris Hilton announces she's releasing a cookbook

The famous daughter of Hilton Hotels, model, actress, singer and businesswoman ventured into the culinary world and now wants to release a cookbook. 

  • Paris became famous because of an intimate tape that leaked in 2003. The tape led to reality show The Simple Life with singer Lionel Richie's daughter Nicole.
  • The show aired from 2003 to 2007 and centered around Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton, and notorious party girl Nicole Richie. Check out the episodes on YouTube!
  • Apparently the "simple life" paid off and Hilton learned a thing or two about cooking because earlier this year she posted a video of how to make lasagna. Scroll down to watch it!

In the video Hilton says she's an amazing cook! Whether it be true or not the video has over 4 million views. Paris appears with her Chihuahua assistant Diamond Baby. The heiress gives tips such as using oven-ready pasta so you don't have to boil it and buying grated cheese because doing it yourself can be "brutal" says Hilton. The lasagna is one of Hilton's favorite recipes, however “it’s a lot of steps compared to making toast or something” she said. After her lasagna success the businesswoman decided to release her own cookbook. So keep an eye out for it in bookstores.

Paris Hilton ventures into the culinary world

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