Michael Jordan promoting Air Jordan Michael Jordan promoting Air Jordan

Michael Jordan’s shoes sell for almost a million dollars!

After a signed Chicago Bulls basketball jersey is expecting to reach 500.000 dollars, a pair of Nike Air snickers the star used for an exhibition match were auctioned for 615.000! They reached this prize because on a dunk, he shattered the backboard. Read more below!

  • The former NBA star has gained world-wide attention after Netflix documentary "The Last Dance".
  • Several memorabilia items appeared on the market and the prices skyrocketed. 
  • Christie’s New York was in charge of the auctioning. 

Trieste, Italy, 1985. The whole city is expecting one of the greatest exhibition sport performance they've hosted in over a decade. Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bull’s star is in town. During the match, he jumped and made two points by dunking the ball and breaking the board.

The English auctioning house even conserved a piece of glass in the sole of the shoe as an authenticity proof. The athleticism jump was so incredible and famous that Nike designed the Jordan’s logo like the shadow of him jumping.

Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan logo. Source: Shutterstock

The auction broke the former record for Jordan sneakers, sold the 17th of May 2020 in Sotheby’s for $560.000. An amount of the price will be donated for the NAACP(National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) defense legal fund. 

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