Michael Jordan

The first NBA shock of basketball star Michael Jordan

The greatest basketball player in history, former Chicago Bulls star, revealed team stories during the NBA championships. The locker room he discovered while being a rookie and his greatest shock, below.

By  Charles Lorenz
  • He was the best player in history and broke many records that didn't even exist in basketball. He was also very professional and that is reflected in the interview for the new Netflix series.
  • In the video below you will see the secret situation that he discovered during the tour of the United States. If that story had leaked, it would have been a national scandal.

Michael Jordan came to the Chicago Bulls when he was very young. Like all rookies, he had some shocks. And not necessarily good. "The older ones had parties with women and drugs in hotels".   At the time, Michael was already a professional, who the talent agents described as the greatest basketball player of his age.

The rookie Michael

His competitiveness, understanding of the game and athleticism got him in front of the cover of several magazines as well as landing him with amazing sponsors.  Regarding his teammates he said: "I witnessed it by mistake during a tour in Illionois."

Being so young, he didn't get carried away by the party and remained strictly professional, away from alcohol and drugs. After his incredible career, clearly was the best choice.


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