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Michael Jackson's secret will. What did the star really want

According to reports The King of Pop had a secret will dated from July 2002.  Has Michael Jackson's legacy been protected? Read about it below!

  • Jackson's estate continued to make hundreds of millions of dollars year after year even after his death in 2009.
  • The musician is estimated to have made up to $2billion since his death.
  • He has topped Forbes Magazine's list of highest-earning dead celebrities for the past seven years.

Raymone Bain, the star's main publicist during his last eight years, had questioned the legality of Jackson's will and had said she was aware of another one. Bain was also his music licensing woman. "I held four powers of attorney, including Neverland Ranch and several bank accounts. I have hoped and prayed that MJ's will, dated 2006, would be found because in it, he outlined how he wanted his legacy preserved."

In 2019 Raymone Bain announced the Michael Jackson Legacy Foundation during a press conference 

Bain also called out his estate for not handling Jackson’s funds properly. She said that the estate has not donated to any schools, hospitals and other charities since he passed away on June 25, 2009. 

Michael Jackson would have turner 62 on August 29th.

Jackson's mother, Katherine received 40% of the estate according to the will, with the same amount to be split between his three children (Prince, Paris and Blanket). The remaining 20% was meant to go to children's charities.

Michael's mother was also named legal guardian of the children. In the event that she couldn't be able to  do so the duty would pass on to Diana Ross, with whom Jackson was very close friends.

The musician's estranged father Joe was left out of the will, and so were all of his siblings and even his former wife, Deborah Jean Rowe Jackson, mother of his two eldest children, Prince Michael and Paris.

Relive what was said about the stars will eleven years ago when he died.

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