Twice Kpop Group

Meet the new all-girl music group from 2020

K-pop is a genre that is already playing around the world, not just in Korea. And the new group "Twice" is leading this trend. Check this video to learn more about their net worth, businesses and more!

By  Estefanía Martínez
  • They are all women. And they are not only dedicated to singing.
  • Their Instagram is super popular with more than 13 million followers!
  • They took the world of fashion, beauty and fame by surprise.
  • They won already 90 musical awards and filled stadiums around the world.

A girl from the group, Dahyun comments "I'm always thinking about something new, something cool that we can do to make our fans happy!".

They are examples to follow in terms of fashion and business.

They earn millions of dollars for promoting their products.

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