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Max Ehrich is ready to move on but fans won't let him

We come with the latest updates on the breakup of Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich. We already told you that the couple broke a few weeks ago after 2 months of commitment and six months as a couple in total. Read on for the latest news

  • Singer Demi Lovato and actor Max Ehrich got engaged on July 22 in Malibu. After four months of relationship.
  • She has an estimated net worth of $40 million and his is $2 million.
  • The engagement ring that the actor of The Young and the Restless gave the singer is valued at $2.5 million.
  • Demi Lovato returned the diamond ring his ex fiancée gave her just a few days ago.

These days a reporter from the TMZ portal met Max Ehrich at Los Angeles International Airport.

It was the perfect occasion to see first-hand how the 29-year-old actor is going through this difficult time.

Ehrich was asked about Demi Lovato's new song I Still Have Me, which seems to be about their split, and said he supports the singer no matter what.

Max Ehric's begging for mercy message on social media.

What was surprising about Max's response is that he alleges that he is being bullyied on social media. Apparently, many fans of the 28-year-old singer think his intentions weren't genuine and are running a smear campaign against the actor.

We believe that respect is above all  and that there are always two sides of the story.

On the other hand,  Max expressed that although he is prepared to turn the page, the actor of The Young and the Restless is not thinking about dating yet.

Does he need to heal his heart or is he hoping to regain Demetria's love?

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