Cover of the Revista Caras

Magazine slammed for describing Dutch princess: "plus size"

Caras is the most famous entertainment magazine in Argentina. They follow thoroughly the life of the Royal Family of the Netherlands, due to Queen Maxima being born there. Now, they are facing public and media outrage after their recently cover. Check it out!

By  Kelsey Miller
  • Argentina is one of the few countries in the world, where people still buy printed magazines.
  • In Buenos Aires, the city capital, there is one stand every two blocks where they sell candies, refreshments and newspapers.
  • The controversial title said "The Eldest Daughter of Maxima Shows Proudly her Plus Size Look".
The polemic cover

Princess Amalia is 16 years old and is the eldest daughter and throne heir to the Dutch Royal Family. Her father is King Willem-Alexander and her mother, Queen Maxima. The pair met while she was working in New York in HSBC bank. A common friend introduced them and it was love at first sight. The Queen left a former relationship with a German man to start another with the former Prince-now-King William Alexander.
The fans slammed the magazine writing comments like "what a disrespectful cover" and "you guys should be ashamed".

The Royal family hasn't commented anything yet. After the outrage, Caras released a statement saying it was actually for motivating those who have obesity to feel confident that everyone can appear in magazine covers.

Princess Amalia

Check out this video if you want to know more about the family:

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