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London's trial of actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is over

After 16 intense days in England, were the reputation of every participant (Johnny Depp, newspaper The Sun and Amber Heard) has been damaged, the story is over. What happens next, below.

  • Britain’s High Court will have a final verdict in September.
  • Judges will decide if English media outlet The Sun was ok in calling Depp a "wife beater".
  • The media and fans are shocked by the revelations that came out to light during the process.

The details, photography, stories and witnesses that appeared during the last two weeks have been heartbreaking for every Pirates of the Caribbean and Rum Diary films fans. In the middle of an economic crisis and the flourishing of the #MeToo movement, learning that Depp spent more than $30.000 dollars monthly in wine and that he hit Heard several times in the middle of a drug addiction, could be seen as controversial.

Amber Heard in her last interview

On the other side, his defense lawyer accuse the actress to faking her injuries and defamation on several outlets. What the truth here is will be difficult to know even for the most experienced judges. Now, we all (including the people involved in the trial) need to take a couple of weeks to think and wait for the verdict.

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