Lindsay Korman defends ex-husband, Justin Hartley

Lindsay Korman defends ex-husband, Justin Hartley

Amidst the ongoing situations between the actor Justin Hartley and Netflix show Selling Sunset’s diva Chrishell Stause, the leading actress of All My Children, Lindsay Korman, came forward to defend the accusations made on her ex-husband. Keep reading to find out Chrishell’s reaction to Lindsay’s support of her ex-husband.

By  Charles Lorenz

•Korman, 42, and Justin Hartley, 43, were married from 2004-2012 and have a daughter

• The ‘All My Children’ celebrity is an accomplished actress now and has worked in numerous projects including commercials as well as many hit shows like All My Children, and Days of Our Lives.

• Actress met her ex-husband on the sets of Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald Crane Winthrop and started dating immediately. The duo got married 6 months later.

Justin Hartley and ex wife Chrishell Stause

Stause and Hartley's divorce has been the most surprising and notable part of the third season of the reality show ''Selling Sunset''. Although no official statement has been released affirming the divorce's actual cause, there have been rumors that ''This Is Us' actor, Justin Hartley, was cheating on his now second ex-wife. Shortly after the blame was made, Korman, the actor's first wife, came forward to defend him. 

Lindsay Korman and Justin Hartley. Source: Getty Images

Lindsay took to Instagram to appreciate her former husband for not just being the exemplification of a ''solid man'' but also for remaining her ''dear friend'' and a ''devoted father'' to their 16 years old daughter Isabella.

Chrishell Stause didn’t seem to like "All My Children" actress getting involved, the star uploaded a story on her instagram saying ‘women who build each other up are my tribe.’ She didn’t stop there and put up another story saying ‘be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.’ The story upload happened right after Stause liked a few theoretical Tweets about her ex-husband, Justin, cheating on her.

Watch video below to find out more about the speculation regarding their divorce!

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