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Kylie Jenner receives backlash for travelling amid COVID-19

The fashion diva and makeup guru has been travelling a lot during the pandemic. Jenner seems unfazed about the consequences the virus could have and her fans are speaking up! 

  • Kylie Jenner, like her Kardashian sisters, are always receiving some kind of backlash for something.
  • Jenner, in fact has received plenty of critiques in the past and recently too.
  • Her fans are not approving of her travels nor her latest Vogue cover.

California state government had advised its residents to refrain from travel. "To prevent further spread of COVID-19, Californians should not travel significant distances and should stay close to home as much as possible," read on the website. However, Kylie seems to think flying to Paris is OK. If travelling cannot be avoided they recommend people follow a set of guidelines, which Jenner has clearly not been respecting. 

Kylie poses with friend Fai Khadra in Paris

It is advised people wear a face mask and keep a six-feet distance for people who do not live together. Kylie has been posting photos from her trip to Paris with friend Fai Khadra, with whom she is seen very close and without a face mask.

And this isn't Kylie's first trip during the pandemic. Earlier in August she posted photos from Turks and Caicos for her 23rd birthday. In July, she went to Utah with friends and posted photos together in a hot tub.

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