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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's encounter didn't go as planned

The TV personality feels "trapped" and doesn't know what to do with her marriage. The couple has been having problems for a while, way before Kanye announced he was running for president. For a complete run down on the celebrity's relationship take a look at the video!

  • After the rapper went crazy on Twitter, Kim asked people for understanding regarding husband's mental health.
  • Kanye publicly apologized to his wife on Twitter and later Kim went to see him on his Wyoming ranch.
  • The encounter wasn't as successful as fans would've liked.

Kardashian has dealt with West's bipolar disorder for years and has supported him always, but after the couple talked and came to no solution, Kim has manifested feeling "trapped" in the marriage. They continue to be apart as Kim returned to her Los Angeles home this past Tuesday alone. A source said Kim loves Kanye, "She loves Kanye, and she thinks of him as the love of her life. But she doesn't know what to do."

Kardashian-West family

The source said Kim feels it's healthier for her and their children if they stay distanced. Kanye is not ready to be a partner nor a father. Kim just want's what's best for him. Could their 6-year marriage be over?

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