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Khaleesi shares the truth behind GoT's coffee cup mishap

The forgotten Starbucks coffee cup appeared in the 4th episode of Game of Thrones last season, The Last of the Starks. The cup caused sensation among fans and all fingers pointed to actress Emilia Clarke who played Daenerys Targaryen aka Khaleesi.

  • Even HBO issued a statement that said it had been the actress.
  • On Jimmy Fallon's TheTonight Show Khaleesi set the record straight and revealed who the owner of the cup was.
  • If you don't know what we're talking about take a look at Canada's Entertainment Tonight show below.

The infamous coffee cup appeared in episode 4 of season 8 during  the celebration victory against the Army of the Dead in Winterfell, home of House Stark. Fans everywhere were outraged by the incident and memes soon came after. Emilia Clarke identified Conleth Hill, who plays Lord Varys as the responsible one for the cup, she even recalls his confession on the matter. Jimmy Fallon tweeted part of his show where Clarke sets the record straight.

"Game of Scones" show the original empty tray filled with scones to go with the cup of coffee
They've also replaced the cup with other brands, in this case Mud House Coffee Roasters

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