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Kendall Jenner’s spectacular house in LA!

The American model is the most private sister amongst the Kardashian Clan. She gave a tour of her cozy home in LA, which is her favorite hiding spot. Kendall moved in a year and a half ago and then renovated it according to her taste and style. Her place gives a very peaceful vibe. Read below to find out more!

• ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ famous star has a net worth of around $18 million.
•  Kendall is currently dating Ben Simmons, who is a basketball player.
• The 24-year-old stands tall with an impressive height of 5ft10.
• Jenner has a dating history with the one of famous ‘One Direction’ star, Harry Styles.
• She has 138 million followers on her Instagram.

Kendall Jenner. Source: Getty Images

The socialite’s house is up in the mountains, surrounded by nature. She keeps her windows open all the time to let the fresh air come in. It makes her feel very calm. As soon as you walk in, there’s a James Turrell work hanging on the wall.

The living room is huge with the most exquisite furniture and a fireplace. Jenner made sure that there is no TV in there so people can talk amongst themselves.  

Kendall Jenner's house. Source: Twitter

The creative designer kept the tones of the sofas minimal with nude colors. The flower pillows on the couch make them look super chic.

Wooden beams on the ceiling give the place a very nice touch. The model also has a very cool 1965 radio-phonograph in a corner. There is an amazing bar area on one side. It is very beautiful and is set up pretty well.

Kendall Jenner's house. Source: Twitter

The powder room has a massive stone sink, worth 300 pounds. The celebrity also gives a tour of how organized her office is. Her favorite place in the whole house is her nice, little courtyard.

The media personality loves her dining room. The furniture is all wooden in there with a magnificent double rug on the floor. 

Did you know Kendall loves to paint? She thinks it’s therapeutic and loves spending time in her creative art studio. Although the artist is not very good at it, she finds painting her thoughts out as a stress reliever. That is why she converted the movie theater into the studio. 

Everything that has been used to design the house is close to perfection. A sneak peek into it and fans cannot think of a better dream house.

Watch below to know more about what’s inside!

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