Kelly Osbourne's "Adele" transformation Kelly Osbourne's "Adele" transformation

Kelly Osbourne's "Adele" transformation

It seems that Adele and Kelly Osbourne have something in common. Both have been on everyone's lips for their spectacular physical transformation. These past few days Instagram followers of Ozzy's daughter were surprised with a shocking picture of her. Keep reading to know more

  • Her name is Kelly Michelle Lee Osbourne. She was born 35 years ago in UK.
  • In 2012,  she played "Becky" next to Miley Cyrus in the film "So Undercover".
  • She is 5"2' tall and weighted 120 lbs. until now!

We met her as a child on the reality show about her eccentric family, The Osbournes. Ozzy's daughter gradually became a recurring figure on television. We've heard her sing "Papa don't preach" and then we saw her judging red carpet looks next to Joan Rivers in the TV show "Fashion Police".

"Fashion Police" poster.

Today Kelly is news for a spectacular change in her figure. The 35-year-old entertainer has had other weight loses in the past, but she ended up putting it all back on. What apparently worked for her was becoming Vegan and committing to hiking in 2012.

On an Instagram post in recent days she could be seen "unrecognizable" as one of her followers pointed out. His change was very well-received by the audience, and we all look forward to learning more details about this unexpected change in appearance. Well done Kelly!

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