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Kelly Osbourne revealed she underwent gastric sleeve surgery

Kelly Osbourne revealed she had a gastric sleeve surgery two years ago that helped her lose 85 pounds and she doesn't care what anybody has to say about it. Read more below.

  • A while back the daughter of famous musician and television personality Ozzy Osbourne, showed off her shocking weight loss.
  • In 2009 during her participation in Dancing with the Stars Kelly lost 20 pounds.
  • Now she reveals her gastric sleeve surgery helped her shed off more pounds.

Osbourne commented on her surgery and said '"ll it does is change the shape of your stomach. I got that almost 2 years ago. I will never ever ever lie about it ever. It is the best thing I have ever done."

The singer revealed she also had injections to her jaw due to temporomandibular joint dysfunction which caused her pain. The injections made her face look thinner and, she says that's when people started to notice the weight loss. "It changed everything on my face! How the f*** did I not know about this sooner?"

Her face got thinner after the injections to her jaw

Kelly confessed that since her weight loss she's receiving a lot of messages from men asking her out. "I woke up one day, and I was all over the newspapers and sites. I had literally hundreds of text messages. I got asked out 7 times in one day. I said no thanks to every single one of them."

She has always been open about her struggles with her weight and addictions. She said she had to work on herself first before starting to work on her body. And that she did!

She also confessed to wanting to have plastic surgery on her breasts, but that she is too afraid. Her mother Sharon Osbourne on the other hand is known for having had many plastic surgeries. She even had a gastric bypass surgery in 1999 and removed it in 2006.

Kelly and Sharon Osbourne

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