Katy Perry

Katy Perry lets her fans down but makes it up in a funny way

The American pop singer was supposed to release her fifth album Smile on August 14th but it has been pushed back to the 28th. It's not so bad, however the star decided to make it up to her fans in a very amusing way. Scroll down to see what she did.

  • Perry known for hit songs such as 'Hot n Cold' and 'Firework' released the first single of her upcoming album Smile on July 10th.
  • The singer-songwriter, married to actor Orlando Bloom is pregnant with their first child and due at any moment.
"Thanks for being so flexible in this time... it’s a wild one, for sure, but I hope the patience will be worth the wait!"

Katy Perry's Smile single came out on July 14th. Her new album of the same name was supposed to be released one month later but due to production delays it has been pushed back to the 28th. 

"If there’s anything 2020 taught me, it’s to not get too attached to plans and be malleable," wrote Perry on an Instagram post.

To make amends for the delay, the singer came up with #SmileSundays starting this Sunday, August 2nd.

"Every Sunday, time TBA soon, I’m going to go on LIVE for 30 minutes or more and talk all things SMILE you’ll see new merch... I’ll play some snippets... maybe we’ll go live together... we’ll def have a good chat!"

Listen to the single titled Smile below.

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