Thandie Newton

Katie Holmes follows Thandie Newton on Instagram

After strong declarations made by Westworld actress Thandie Newton against Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes who divorced Cruise in 2012 started following her on Instagram. Coincidence? Keep on reading!

  • In a previous post we talked about how Newton was "so scared" of her co-star Cruise.
  • She revealed that Cruise made her switch roles so he could show her how he wanted the scene. 
  • Newton said that was the most unhelpful technique. "It just pushed me further into a place of terror and insecurity".

The actress added that Cruise manifested a zit on his nose from all the stress. After Katie Holmes divorced the Mission Impossible actor, she moved all the way cross country so the fact the she started following Thandie Newton after her comments means a LOT!

Katie Holmes started following Thandie Newton on Instagram

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