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Kanye West: working on his marriage or on the campaign

While on vacation with his wife Kim Kardashian, West made some time for a "text interview" regarding his 2020 presidential run. Read all about the interview below.

  • The billionaire couple had taken time off to work on their marriage away from the cameras in a secluded place.
  • The day after his text interview Joe Lockhart, the press secretary under former President Bill Clinton, started a call to boycott all things Kardashian.


During his time away with Kardashian, West texted Randall Lane, the chief content officer and editor at Forbes to say he is indeed running for president in 2020 to take votes away from Democratic nominee, Joe Biden. The following day, August 7th, Joe Lockhart tweeted a call to boycott Kim Kardashian and all her endeavors, products and shows. 

And for those who consider it's not fair to penalize Kardashian for her husband's actions, or because West is mentally unwell, Lockhart responded: “you don’t understand their business model, it is completely based on staying in the public eye. Kanye is an important part of that. Ignore them and the empire crumbles.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly returned from their vacation.

Reports have shown that both Republican and Trump-affiliated political operatives are trying to get the rapper onto various state ballots for the election in November. Kanye didn't confirm if either of the parties are helping him with campaign strategy.

From his meeting with Donald Trump in 2018

Trump himself and a spokesperson for his campaign denied having anything to do with West’s presidential bid. “I like Kanye very much,” Trump told reporters at the White House this week. “No, I have nothing to do with him getting on the ballot. We’ll have to see what happens.”

West needs 270 electoral votes in order to win, and as Lane pointed out he won't be on enough ballots to make it. “I’m not going to argue with you,” West texted. “Jesus is King.” That's all the rapper said about it.

Enjoy the cute video of West fooling around with his daughter North in the video. Kim seems to be the one filming as she can be heard commenting in the background.


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