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Kanye West takes first official step to presidency

The rapper took the first official step towards running for US president in November against Donald Trump and Joe Biden. He officially appears on Oklahoma's presidential ballot. For more detailed information watch the video below.

  • The billionaire paid the $35,000 fee to appear on Oklahoma's ballot.
  • He registered just in time before Wednesday July 15th deadline.
  • West is running as part of the BDY party, short for The Birthday Party.

After paying the $35,000 fee to register on Wednesday the "Kanye 2020" team filed the Federal Electoral Commision's (FEC) form on Thursday, the first form required to officially run. The music star put his Wyoming ranch as his address. After all the rapper is planning on buying an entire community in the state.

Rapper Kanye West takes first official step towards running for US president

The FEC is asking Kanye for a second form to prove his filing was legitimate. This form is the statement of candidacy which has yet to be filed. This statement is filed once the candidate has raised or spent more than $5,000 in campaign activity. 

A day before the paperwork was filed Steve Kramer, Kanye's adviser said "he's out" generating confusion as to wether the musician was still in the run. While he already missed out on several states he hopes to gather enough signatures to qualify in the remaining states.

West dropped his support for Donald Trump and decides to run against him

The rapper also revealed he was disappointed with the way the president handled the coronavirus crisis and George Floyd's fallout.

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