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Kanye West no longer supports Trump. "He's in it to win it"

Rapper Kanye West said we will no longer be a vocal supporter for Donald Trump. He has entered the presidential race and 'Like anything I've ever done in my life, I'm doing to win', he added. All the information on Kanye's campaign below.

  • West had announced he was running for president on July 4th, Independence Day, only 4 months before the elections.
  • He said he was creating the Birthday Party because when he wins "it's everybody's birthday," said West.
  • During an interview this week, the rapper said he had never voted in his life!
  • The Yeezy brand owner also said he had contracted coronavirus and is suspicious of vaccines. All this and more Kanye analysis in the video below!

During an interview earlier this week Kanye said he would either run as a Republican if Trump were to drop out or as an independent. He said his intentions are not to split the black voters and hurt Democratic candidate Joe Biden's chances against Trump. West said he had coronavirus in February and that he believes vaccines are "the mark of the beast", he's suspicious of any vaccine invented to prevent COVID-19.

Kanye tweeted on July 4th that he was running for president

What was even more alarming than West never having voted before in his life, was the fact that he said he envisioned the White House management following a Wakanda model. Wakanda is the fictional country from the film Black Panther.

President Trump was also interviewed this week on the matter, to which he said his candidacy in these elections would make a great trial run for West if he plans on running in 2024.

West revealed during the interview that as a black man he had been threatened to support Democrats or his music career would be over. He said this was the reason he had been scared to vote before. Despite the public's skepticism West's changes went up from 500/1 to 50/1. The deadline to add independent candidates to the ballot is still open in many states, including California. 

West said he will base White House management on Black Panther's fictional country Wakanda

A lot of memes and speculations on West's announcement came rolling in. Some believe it's a strategy to get Trump elected again, others say it's a publicity stunt for West. 

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