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Justin Bieber's 20 million dollar lawsuit against defamation

Claims against the Canadian pop singer were made through Twitter. Bieber denies the accusations and demands the social network take action. The claims against Justin Bieber go back to incidents occurred in 2014 and 2015. The pop star is filing a 20 million dollar lawsuit to set this straight. The lawsuit says these women are trying to capitalize on the vulnerable moment the entertainment industry is going through "whereby it is open season for anyone to make any claim".  

  • One of the girls known only as Danielle claims that after a performance at a bar in Austin, Texas the singer invited her to the Four Seasons hotel where the assault took place.

  • Bieber shared tweets of the day the alleged assault happened in 2014. He was with his then girlfriend, singer Selena Gomez, and they were not staying at the Four Seasons.

  • Another tweet from a woman who identified herself as Kadi, said the singer assaulted her in 2015, in New York. Bieber claims she wanted "fame and attention".

The singer filed a 20 million dollar lawsuit in Los Angeles against what he says are "fabricated lies". He responded to the first accusation through tweets of his own, but has yet to comment on the second one.

The accusation from 2014 came from an anonymous account and tweets have already been deleted. The accusation from 2015, however is not anonymous and is still online.

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