Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin's hilarious presidential face off on SNL

The presidential elections are just around the corner. A few days ago the current US President Donald Trump and the Democratic candidate Joe Biden faced each other on live national television. Later in the week we had a chance to revive the debate in a super fun way on SNL's season 46 premiere.

  • Alec Baldwin won an Emmy in 2017 as outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series for playing Donald Trump in SNL. Trump had been nominated before for his reality The Apprentice but didn't win.
  • Not only actor Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin participated in the face off parody. Maya Rudolph also stopped by in her role of senator Kamala Harris.
  • NBC's Saturday Night Live is broadcasting its 46th season live from New York this year.


The first presidential debate was held on Tuesday, September 29.

This was an important instance to be able to know the views of the candidates on certain issues such as COVID-19. The real confrontation between President Donald Trump and the candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden was televised live throughout the United States.

What we really want to tell you about is much more fun and it was seen on Saturday Night Live.

Alec Baldwin and Jim Carrey portraying Donald Trump and Joe Biden

The stars of the night were Alec Baldwin, as President Donald Trump and Jim Carrey in the shoes of Joe Biden.

Both actors carried out a hilarious parody of the original face off.

With Baldwin's Trump interrupting Carrey's Biden all the time, laughing was garanteed.

Even Harry Styles had a cameo in the sketch.

Harry Styles as the voice of calm

The singer appeared in a bubble to recite a story to calm down democrate Joe Biden.

This alludes to the recent revelation that the singer is going to participate in the Calm application.

 Which uses the voices of many celebrities to whisper relaxing stories into the ears of the thousands of subscribers who want to sleep in peace and relax.

Maya Rudolph as senator Kamala Harris

It was 13 minutes of pure humor.

It's a pleasure to see these entertainers do their jobs so well.

To be able to bring a smile to the people who are facing a very difficult decision in a critical context of pandemic, inequality and economic uncertainty.


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