Britney Spears and Jamie-Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears makes a significant move to #FreeBritney

Pop singer Britney Spears is well-known for her successful career, but since her breakdown in 2007 she lost all power and rights legally speaking. Her father Jamie Spears, took control over her life and her vast fortune for the past decade. Now Britney doesn't want her father to be involved in her finances anymore. The internet is going crazy with the movement #FreeBritney. Her younger sister, Jamie-Lynn Spears is now taking part of the legal battle. Continue reading to find out what she did!

  • Britney has an estimated net worth of  $215 million but she doesn't have any control over her finances and she literally can't even buy coffee without permission.
  • The 5"4' popstar has two sons, and she is currently dating fitness model Sam Asghari.
  • Jamie-Lynn Spears, her younger sister, starred in Zoey 101 in Nickelodeon.
Britney Spears. Source: Twitter

It's been a rough year for the Britney. Back in 2007 when she had a breakdown she was subject to conservatorship, which, legally speaking, means she was determined incapable of making her own decisions in every sense.

It's frustrating to think how capable the artist is of performing, making $500,000 every night and not being free to spent a cent of that money without her father's permission.

Speculation is that her father is exploiting her, since for keeping her under conservatorship he is earning around 100,000 every year. Now the public is aware of this, the #FreeBritney movement took over the internet and it was a matter of time until we got answers.

Her younger sister, Jamie-lynn, is now taking part in court and she is seeking the legal guardianship of her sister, to protect britney and also her nephews. According to the media, this isn't done yet and Jamie-Lynn still has a bureaucracy to get through, but her father signed the petition and everything might change soon.

What do you think? On which side are you? Here at YAAY, we are definitely team #FreeBritney

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