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Ivanka Trump's unemployment initiative: "Find Something New"

President Trump's daughter and adviser, Ivanka, launched this Tuesday her new ad campaign called "Find Something New". It aims to help unemployed Americans find new careers. Check out the virtual roundtable hosted at the White House.

  • "Now, as a result of Covid, people need to, unfortunately, in some cases learn a completely new skill" said Ivanka.   
  • When entering the website people are directed towards other avenues of work interest, where they can explore options and checklists for training.
  • The campaign was criticized on social media for being too simplistic in its catchphrase.

20.5 million people lost their jobs in April marking the worst and most sudden decline ever. While many workers have gone back to their jobs in May and June there are still 15 million jobs that haven't been reinstated. Surprisingly more than 1 million people file for first time unemployment benefits each week. With new coronavirus outbreaks it's possible that more people will be left jobless.

Ivanka promotes, through her campaign, vocational jobs, technical jobs and trades. She herself has had multiple jobs ranging from modeling, clothing and footwear designer, high-end jewelry designer, author, and executive at the Trump family hotel business. Trump responds to criticism via Twitter:

New White House iniciative to help unemployed Americans find a new job

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