Engineer Ian Davis

Is this the real Logan, the Wolverine from the movie X-man?

After 4 of his fingers were amputated, an engineer was inspired by Australian actor Hugh Jackman and built a mind-blowing mechanical prosthesis. Check out the video and photos below!

  • Ian Davis is an engineer that suffered from cancer.
  • The disease weakened his bones.
  • After a workshop accident, doctors needed to amputate his fingers in order to save his life.

The engineer is left-handed, so while recovering in the hospital he had an idea from a project he started when he was 17 years old in high school: he built a prosthetic arm and hand. Using his knowledge, he started thinking and drawing possible ideas for him to keep working. He watched the movie X-Men Logan film from 2017 and got an inspiration!

The first protoype of the hand

He is left-handed, so having no fingers in the hand would limit him for his work. Davis started with the first prototype where he could only move all fingers at once, but now he has developed a new one where he can control his fingers individually.

After the success, the entrepreneur got offers from different Universities to start full scale developments in order for him to help other people "It would be a dream to see my design in a different hand other than mine". For more

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