Henry Cavill on Superman Henry Cavill on Superman

Is this the Superman of real life? Father saves daughter

Everyone loves a good happy ending story and specially where we can relate it to our favorite superheroes. Flying like superman, a father of two in the city of Harbin, China, saved his toddler from what it could have been a terrible accident. Watch the video below!

  • Superhero movies like Superman, Batman and Green Lantern are among the most popular of Hollywood.
  • Psychologists have stated that we are related to them in a sense that everyone would love to have at least one incredible skill.
  • The phenomenon of the circus attracts millions due to the incredible "out-of-this-world" talents.

If this normal household episode would be a movie, the video would be the perfect ending. The father is walking in his living room when he realizes a mirror is about to drop entirely on his baby child. He jumps and holds the mirror inches from hitting the baby and without being hurt, in what Internet users have qualified like a "Superman" jump.

Superman actor Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

Comments like "I wish this was my dad" and "This guy should be in a movie" were amongst the most popular ones. Some people criticized the lack of security of the mirror, saying it should be secured to the wall. There will be always haters, but we are strong supporters of heroes!

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