Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

Is the singer Taylor Swift ready to become a mother?

Tay and the English actor, Joseph Mathew Alwyn, have been dating for 3 years now. The love birds are thinking of starting a family. Could this be the next step in their relationship? Read below to find out!

• Joe is well-known for his work in the movie ‘The favorite’ and has an estimated net worth of $4 million; while Swift is worth $360 million.
• Alwyn stands tall with an impressive 6’1’’ height.
• The 30-year-old songstress is a 10 times Grammy Award-winner.

Both Taylor and Joseph have been very private ever since their romance began. Taylor, like most of us, went through a rough patch in her life.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. Source: Getty Images

She bravely overcame the challenges and became an evolutionist. Her family and Joe became a huge support system for her. And for that, she’s very grateful. 

Swift has dated many celebrities like Harry Styles and Joe Jonas. But this is her longest relationship so far. The duo was caught dancing to ‘Perfect’ at Jingle Ball in 2017. The couple is seriously thinking about their future together and have been discussing children.

Taylor Swift. Source: Alamy

The pair also is looking forward to tie the knot. While her marriage and baby plans are up in the air, the ‘Folklore’ singer has not neglected her work in the meantime. 

Swifties are happy that Tay is doing well and is excited about her future!

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