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Is the singer Ali Gatie the new rising star?

The Iraqi-Canadian singer started his career at the age of 18. He shared his music with the public after 2 years of practicing. Gatie’s first song ‘Moonlight’ was a massive success. Music lovers are gushing over how good his songs are. Read below to find out more!

•    Ali has an estimated net worth of $1 million.
•    The Iraqi Rapper has created a private page for his fans called ‘The Listeners’.
•    Gatie also has his own clothing brand ‘Merch&Vinly’.

Ali Gatie

 ‘It’s You’ by Gatie ranked high on the US Billboard. He wrote the lyrics in just 15 minutes. The love song was inspired by his secret sweetheart. Ali first played his song live on Instagram.

His fans loved it so much that he decided to officially release it. Tiktok has gone viral with his song’s remix ‘What if I told you that I love You’.

Owing to his melodious voice, his songs resonate with people who have been in love. His powerful lyrics take his fans on an emotional roller-coaster ride. The famous star has 2.51 million subscribers on YouTube.

The Canadian Songwriter wants to collaborate with the famous K-pop band ‘BTS’. He tweeted that he wants to do a song with them. Get ready because his new album is coming soon.
Check out his new song below!

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