Is Zac Efron moving to Australia with his new girlfriend?

Is Zac Efron moving to Australia with his new girlfriend?

The famous actor has recently been seen with a mysterious woman. We know little about her, but it seems that she has conquered the heart of Zac. We've met other loves such as Vanessa Hudgens whom he met on the set of High School Musical. But it seems that this new love has hit him hard. Keep reading to find out more.  

  • Zac Efron has a net worth of $25 million.
  • He was born 32 years ago in California, USA.
  • The Baywatch star is 5" 8' tall.
  • Netfilx has released a new documentary series starring the actor, called "Down to Earth".


Apparently the famous American actor fell in love with Australia during Baywatch's shooting there.

He revealed that he feels at home in that country and that their culture is fascinating.

Zach Efron in Baywatch.

It's known that he's been renting a house there for some time. Rumors are he is looking to buy a house and settle permanently in Australia.

They were spotted grabbing a bite.

Does the mysterious woman with whom he's been seen recently have something to do with this decision?

Australian model Vanessa Valladares seems to have struck the 32-year-old actor.

She is 25 and has done ad campaigns for many European known brands. She doesn't have many Instagram posts though but from what we've seen she loves to travel.

We hope this flourishing romance comes to a good end! Stay alert.

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