Sacha Baron cohen as Borat Sacha Baron cohen as Borat

Is English actor Sacha Baron Cohen doing a Borat sequel?

The famous comedian, known for his movies "The Dictator", "Madagascar" and "Brüno" has been spotted in Long Beach. He was wearing the famous suit of "Borat", the character that made him famous and rich. Check it out!  

  • The actor has a net worth of $130 million.
  • With 47 years old, he had an incredible career both on TV and cinema.
  • Queen of England, Elizabeth II was among her fans from the show "Da Ali G Show". 

Imagine driving in the highway when out of the blue you see an old truck, with BORAT himself driving! TikTok user Alexandheir flipped and managed to catch the scene that was replicated in media around the world. Sacha had already given some tips that he might be filming a sequel on his Instagram and his stories, being in California with film equipment.

"Borat" is in California!

Several users are afraid that the film might get cancelled because the original version had several racist jokes that could be considered inappropriate nowadays. The actor recently played the role of Eli Cohen, the Israeli spy for Netflix in 2019, but he is now back to his humor plans.

 Let´s see what happens next, but Cohen has always a way of surprising the fans!

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