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How much money is President Donald Trump worth?

We all know he is the first United States President that is billionaire. But how did he make his fortune? And how much are his assets worth? The complete list below.  

  • His net worth is $2.1 billion dollars.
  • When he was 27, he owned more than 10.000 apartments.
  • Trump earned more than 350.000 dollars for each episode of his TV show "The Apprentice".
President Donald Trump

Trump has made an empire that outgrew his father’s, a real estate mogul. He managed to sell his name and license thousands of products with his name, most of them to the Asian market where he was super popular in the 1990s.

Trump Hotel in Las Vegas

Real estate: The buildings with his name tend to be associated with luxury, holidays and golf. His Mar-a-Lago hotel in Palm Beach was in the center of the storm due to his encounters with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein in the parties.

Name value: His big business was to license his name to different companies from beauty care to buildings.
Fragrance with his name

He earned more than $10 million just for "lending" his name.

Public figure: Before being President, he charged up to $50.000 dollars for a 30-minute public speech.

Donald Trump speech

After he finishes his presidency, the rate will probably be way higher.

Assets: Close sources confirm that he has over $100 million in financing options like stocks, hedge funds and gold. He also wrote several books and managed the beauty contest Miss Universe and Miss America.

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