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Famous Grammy Award winning Billie Eilish is reinventing Pop Stardom

Eilish's single, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, debuted at #1 a week before the global pandemic began. How did this 18 year old teenager rise to legendary startdom overnight? Keep reading and find out! From her effect on pop landscape, to her sloppy anti-fashion, and her sense of relatability to her fans, Eilish has become an immediate icon in the music industry and society.

  • The pop singer has no squad like Taylor Swift, no Tiffany rings like Ariana Grande or volumptuos curves like Katy Perry. Yet she became the first woman in history to take home all four big prizes at the Grammys.
  • Though she is playful in person, the mood of her art far from being pretty is unrelentingly dark: Eilish rose to fame at age 13 after releasing her first single Ocean Eyes.

The singer’s presence isn’t of your average Pop princess, she is unconventional, she uses a lot of profanity, and she never appears to be holding back. The 18 year old pop star says people refer to her as a rule-breaker or as anti-pop. "I’m flattered that people think that, but it’s like, where, though? What rule did I break?”  

Billie Eilish and her unique and unconventional style

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